Saturday, March 21, 2015


So I've had to toss out my theory that Gotham City must be in the California of Toobworld because of that TV van.

"Batman Sets The Pace"

At the end of the episode, once the Joker had been vanquished, Commissioner Gordon urgently called Batman on the hotline.  Turns out he had heard a rumor that Batman had been asked to move to California so that he could run for governor.

Luckily for me, Gordon Long came along with some Trueniverse info:

KDKA-TV, ch. 2, is the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh. So it could still be back east....

Wikipedia splains away how KDKA could have call letters beginning with "K":

KDKA enjoys grandfathered status as one of six remaining stations east of the Mississippi River that have call letters beginning with K. Three of them are in Pittsburgh, the other two being KDKA-FM (KDKA's sister station) and KQV, as well as KDKA's longtime sister station KYW in Philadelphia (though the KYW call sign has in the past been used in Chicago and Cleveland); KFIZ in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin; and KTGG Spring Arbor, Michigan (though in that instance, it was due to a clerical error at the FCC).

So in Toobworld we'll just add in KGC as the seventh station to be grandfathered as an exception.

So where does that put Gotham City on the Toobworld map now?

It still needs to be on the ocean, so we should be looking to the Eastern seaboard now.  After all, Gordon said "out to California", not "down to" or "up to" (which could have placed Texas in the running as well as the states to be found along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.)  

I'm also drawn to the style of architecture found in Gotham City, which strongly suggests New York.  Even back in 1966 it felt as though the infrastructure was aging which - rightly or wrongly - makes me think New Jersey is the most viable candidate for the location of Gotham City.

And I don't have to just rely on my own wish-craft for that.  The atlas of the DC Universe shows Gotham City in New Jersey.  (However, it also shows Metropolis in Delaware and I have issues with that.)  

Hopefully this will be the last time I have to relocate Gotham City on the Toobworld map......


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