Wednesday, February 18, 2015


From the Hollywood Reporter:

Louis Jourdan, the debonair leading man who romanced Leslie Caron in "Gigi" and played a wealthy Afghan prince in the James Bond film "Octopussy," has died. He was 93.
The French actor, who brought his smooth, continental charm to such films as "Letters From an Unknown Woman" (1948), "The Happy Time" (1952) and "Three Coins in the Fountain" (1954), died Saturday [February 14, 2015] in his Beverly Hills home, according to French publication Le Point.
For Toobworld, I would think his best-known role would be that of Paul Gerard, the debonnair restaurant critic who murdered a restaurant owner in "Murder Under Glass", an episode of 'Columbo'.  But that could be only because 'Columbo' is one of my five favorite TV shows.  
He also starred in a very good suspense film for TV with Mary Tyler Moore and Wilfred Hyde-White called "Run A Crooked Mile".  If you can track it down, I highly recommend it.
It's too late now, but I think he would have been perfect for a theory of relateeveety in which he could have played the father of a character played by Burn Gorman.  Certainly not the father of Welshman Owen Harper who worked for Torchwood.  And if they were able to get him to play a relative to "Adam", the immortal adversary to Dr. Henry Morgan on 'Forever', then I think it might have been interesting if Jourdan played the elderly grandchild of Gorman's.

As I said, it's too late now.  But take a look at the pictures of those two actors.  I've seen far worse cases of "relateeveety" over the years.  

Who knows?  Maytbe one day Burn Gorman might play Louis Jourdan in a biopic, or a behind the scenes docu-drama about the making of "Gigi" or "Octopussy"........

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