Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Here are a couple more TV memories for the late Rod Taylor....

Episodes from 'Hong Kong' and 'Bearcats!' can be found online at YouTube and I'll recommend them, if only for their Classic Television History contributions.  But 'Bearcats!' was a favorite of mine when it came out because I was into that time period of 1914, just prior to World War I.  This was probably due to my infatuation with the TV show 'Nichols' which starred James Garner.  It was also set in the American Southwest of 1914. 
I wasn't into the concept of the Toobworld Dynamic at that point in my life, but if I had been, I'm sure I would have cobbled together some fanfic in which the characters from both of these shows teamed up.
And I'd probably throw some incarnation of the Doctor and one of his companions into the mix as well if I decided to try writing one today.  Yeah, I'm just that O'Bsessed......

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