Friday, October 3, 2014


Artist Woody Welch, who paints these fantastic flights of fantasy which can be seen on the FaceBook page for 'The Outer Limits', posted this picture to the group:

A classic!

Woody accompanied the picture with this observation:

One of my favorite shots of a Zanti Misfit...the Regent, I of the reasons I love it so much is you can see the heads of the hat pins used to secure the model to the table top sets during stop-motion...see the little white dots on the top of the Zanti's feet? Those are the hat pin heads. Why they couldn't use (or get) hat pins with black heads is beyond me.

I suggested that we could make it work instead of leaving it as a Zonk by suggesting that the pin heads could be growths on the feet of the Zanti.  Or maybe markings.  Or they could even be jewelry pieces.

Welch responded:
Toby, that would be a fun idea, unfortunately they "popped' on and off as the creature walked...and were visible only when the Zanti had his little feet on the surface of the animating table.

He had good eyes to spot it in the first place and may have been watching it in slow-mo in order to catch the details.  But I'll stick with my idea of it being jewelry; that it's the only itlem worn by the Zantis.

I wonder if he got it at Jared's.....?


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