Saturday, September 6, 2014


Last month, one of the comedy legends passed away - Robin Williams.  Most of us never saw the dark places in which he was trapped and he made sure the public never saw that deeply into his tortured soul.  He was the embodiment of that "Tears Of A Clown" archetype.  

But while he was on this Earth, he made great contributions to Earth Prime-Time.  Of course, it was Mork from Ork who first put him on the Toobworld map and there will be more in celebration of alien man-child at some point here at Toobworld Central.  There was his guest appearance on an early episode of 'Homicide: Life On The Street' that gave that struggling young gem of a series the boost it needed to stay alive in the ratings.  His HBO special taping him "Live At The Met" remains a pinnacle in televised comedy acts while his appearances on plenty of talk shows always promised a manic explosion of his unbridled genius.

And for the younger set of viewers here in the Trueniverse, Robin Williams made sure that despite whatever torment he may have been suffering, he put on that brave front and helped those children through the visits he made to 'Sesame Street'.

Here are some of those appearances which I've found on YouTube:

Good night and may God bless you, Robin......

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