Tuesday, July 15, 2014


A third TV dimension will be getting its own version of Ross Poldark soon.  BBC One has announced that Aidan Turner, best known in the TV Universe as the vampire Mitchell in 'Being Human', will be playing the lead in a new adaptation of Winston Graham's books about the 18th Century Cornish land-owner with the gypsy wife.

Earth Prime-Time already has its 'Poldark' in Robin Ellis with the two-season series from the mid-1970s and it's still one of the best costume dramas TV has ever seen.  (It has a place on the shelves here at Toobworld Central.)  And there's a theory of "relateeveety" with one of Ross and Demelza's descendents staying at the 'Hotel Babylon'.  (I've also concocted a "Born To Rerun" theory in which Ross and Demelza were reincarnated as 'Dharma & Greg'.)

In 1996, ITV tried to resurrect the series beginning with a TV movie adaptation of the eighth novel, "The Stranger From The Sea", but it may not have been able to overcome the audience's love for the original.  As such, this one-shot presentation has been assigned to the same TV dimension as all of those TV movies with different American Presidents* - Toobworld-MOTW, I guess.  ToobMovie World?

This new version of 'Poldark' may do better because of the involvement by Turner.  He already had a strong fan base from 'Being Human', but he won over a whole new legion of fan-girls by bringing sexy back to dwarfs with his portrayal of Kili in 'The Hobbit' movies, especially in the second one.

Toobworld's Ross Poldark, Robin Ellis, has conveyed his congratulations to Turner for landing the role:

"Congratulations to him--I hope he has as much fun as we did filming this wild and wonderful saga written in 12 books over a sixty year period by Winston Graham.

"Aidan and I share a common debt to Winston, for giving us the chance to play a difficult, contrary, complex man often out of his time."

So we'll see.......


* Amazingly, all of those TV movies featuring fictional American Presidents can easily follow the same timeline for full terms of office......

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