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From the Bionic Wiki:
The world map shown during the NATO briefing reveals that the world Steve Austin inhabits is physically very different from the real world. Aside from the existence of fictional countries established in previous episodes, not to mention Balinderry in this one, the map shows that the northern portion of North America is shaped completely differently than the way it is for real, and that there appears to be an extra continent to the north of Eurasia.


Forget the bionics and the splainin for Bigfoot.  It's this map which makes 'The Six Million Dollar Man' an essential for the Toobworld Dynamic.  This is proof that Toobworld is not our Earth - it's Earth Prime-Time, not Earth Prime.

Earth was manufactured to look somewhat similar to the original planet in the same solar orbit, Mondas.  Only the design was turned upside down from the original.  (Probably the Magratheans wanted to avoid a copyright infringement charge from God.)

On this NATO map, it looks like there could be a connected land-bridge between Russia and Alaska.  But it's that extra continent above Eurasia that is most exciting - that makes plenty of room for all of those vest-pocket kingdoms, and duchies, and Soviet states so often to be found in shows like 'Mission: Impossible and 'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.'.  We can fit them up there and not have to worry about squeezing too many tele-nations into an already over-populated Europe.

These are the candidates for that new continent:
  • Boldavia ("Night Court")
  • Boravia ("Danger Man")
  • Bukovia ("CHAOS")
  • Drublegratz ("The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.")
  • The Federated People's Republic ("Mission: Impossible")
  • Pavlonia ("The Rogues")
  • Povia ("Mission: Impossible")
  • Slobodia ("My Favorite Martian')
  • The UCR ("Mission: Impossible")
  • Vukanova ("Freakazoid!")
  • Yakastonia ("Doug")
  • Zemenia ("Monk")
And that would leave plenty of room for other nations should the need arise.


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