Sunday, June 15, 2014


As mentioned in the previous post, tonight we'll be seeing the final episode of Season Four in the 'Game Of Thrones' saga.

Within the Toobworld Dynamic (I do NOT speak for George R.R. Martin or the show's production team!), the series takes place in the distant past on Earth's older twin, the planet Mondas, which once had an synchronous orbit with the third rock from the sun.

In the greater TV Universe, reincarnation is a reality and it is not bound to any one particular planet or race of sentient beings.  In the past we have seen the reincarnations of long-gone Westeros characters born to rerun on Earth Prime-Time:

Davos Seaworth - Captain Zhukov ('Doctor Who' - "Cold War")

Joren Reed - Tim Lassiter ('Doctor Who' - "Family of Blood"/"Human Nature")

Arya Stark - Sally Draper ('Mad Men')

We have another candidate for those reincarnated souls from the Seven Kingdoms.  But she made her debut on the main Toobworld (at least for this go-round) only a few years ago......

With that look of fierce determination on her face, and of course that blazing red hair, I think we've found the reincarnation of Ygritte.....

"Daoruni gīmī, Ionos Sōnaro."


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