Tuesday, May 27, 2014


With the success of Betty White in 'Hot In Cleveland', it appears that the Suits have realized there's an audience out there for the stars of Yesteryear in a weekly series (although not necessarily in the starring role.)

But it must worry them - what if that Classic TV star dies during production?

Hallmark Channel has a new drama/comedy coming out soon called 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered', which will deal with the mail detectives who track down the rightful owners of the lost and/or "dead" letter that's collecting at the Post Office.  It looks to be one of those uplifting series like 'Touched By An Angel'.  In this show, the recipients of these letters will be finally getting them just when it matters most in their lives.

But the gimmick here is that the supervisor of this department will be played by a different TV legend every two episodes.  Valerie Harper has the role for the pilot and the sophomore episode, while Dick Van Dyke takes charge in Episodes Three and Four.  (I haven't seen any casting news for future supervisors, but there's always Carl Reiner, Rose Marie, Bob Newhart, Jerry Van Dyke, Robert Wagner, Ed Asner, Katherine Helmond, and Abe Vigoda.)

With Van Dyke being 88 years old and Ms. Harper diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, long-term commitments would not be prudent on the part of the producers.  This arrangement seems like an ideal situation for TV lovers to get their fix of old favorites.


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