Saturday, May 3, 2014



In February of 1967, Russian Ambassador Vladimir Jiroslav Brodny feebly protested that he couldn't possibly help out with the Vaszhins' scheme because he had tickets for a Beatles concert.

In the Trueniverse, this could never have happened and not just because Brodny is a fictional character.  For the real world, the last ever Beatles concert was held on August 29, 1966 in San Francisco.  

But even though Toobworld should reflect the world "just outside our windows", it is not a slavish adherent to such a mandate.  For the big things, sure, like who the current occupant of the White House is.  But the Fab Four can have some leeway in the history of their televersions.  

And it wouldn't be the last time, as mentioned back on the fiftieth anniversary of their playing 'The Ed Sullivan Show': the aliens known as the Hive were planning to transmit a beam through the wavelenght of their broadcast which would impel teenagers to commit suicide all across the country.

That the Hive plotted to use a TV telecast which everyone knew would be popular turned out to be a scheme which the Doctor called upon in 1969 when he wanted to destroy the hold the Silence had on Earthlings.

Hey, Dennis Rodman is an extraterrestrial, so having the Beatles still playing in concerts in 1967 isn't so far-fetched!

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  • 'Third Rock From The Sun'

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