Tuesday, April 8, 2014


'Silk' is a British drama series about two barristers from Shoe Lane Chambers competing for the chance to achieve "silk", when a barrister can become a Queen's Counsel.  The head of their chambers, Billy Lamb, is playing one against the other, probably for his own amusement.

It had the feel of a 21st Century "Rumpole" for me.  And in fact, 'Silk' had an unofficial crossover with 'Rumpole Of The Bailey' when Billy Lamb cited Horace Rumpole's name as someone who had been there in chambers.

Now the series has a counterpart in the Radio Universe.  The show will have three audio dramas on BBC Radio 4 which will focus on the legal clerks of chambers - Bethany, John, and Jake.  

The series began on April 1st.  The following two episodes will be heard on April 8th [tonight!] and the 15th.  All of them are scheduled for those afternoons at 14:15 BST.

Other crossoverlings may see this as an expansion of the 'Silk' franchise.  But for the Toobworld Dynamic, it has no place in the visual world of the Toob.  As with books and comic books, these radio dramas belong in another universe altogether.  (For now I call that world the Audioverse, but if anybody can think of a better name, let me now.)

However, the events from those radio dramas may have happened in the lives of their Toobworld counterparts.  We just won't ever see them play out in Earth Prime-Time....


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