Thursday, April 24, 2014



Detective Jim Halloran was trapped in a light-house with its keeper, Andy Stephenson and his daughter Linda when a gangster named Cassidy and a few of his thugs arrived on the island to kill them all and get back some incriminating evidence about Cassidy which Linda had.

Halloran was able to kill one of the three gangsters with Cassidy and was hiding behind a stone wall near the staircase when Linda came down to suggest that they just hand over the evidence so that Cassidy would let them go.  But Jim knew it was too late for that; the gangsters would have to kill them all.  

"Sorry," he apologized lamely.

Linda replied: "Sorry – what an empty little word.  How very much it doesn't cover."

I'm sorry.  Just around the corner there are three men with guns waiting to kill you, and you're going to get all philosophical at that moment?

Stirling Silliphant is a fantastic writer, but that line was so unrealistic under the circumstances that it took me right out of the moment.

Just sayin', is all......


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