Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Several fictional characters are supposedly related to people from the real world.  In Toobworld, examples include Vera from 'Alice' & Art Carney and Megan Russert ('Homicide: Life On The Street') & Tim Russert (NBC News). 

And there are those who are related to real historical figures. Although it was mentioned in BookWorld, Sherlock Holmes claimed to be related to the painter Vernet.  So the same should apply to his televersion.  (Portrayed by Jeremy Brett, NOT Cumberbatch or Miller!)

Toobworld Central has another one to add:

Ensign Tess Allenby of the starship Enterprise.

She was in three episodes of 'ST: TNG' and our claim is that she could trace her lineage back to General Sir Edmund Allenby, now best known for his interaction with the famous "Lawrence of Arabia".

In the main Toobworld, Allenby was seen in the "Daredevils Of The Desert" episode of 'The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles'. 


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