Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Four NBC series will be getting digital "spin-offs" once the Super Bowl is over.   The Peacock Men will never admit it, but I think it's their way to apologize to the many viewers (like me) who don't give a flying bleep about the Olympics.

These multi-part stories will be available on three platforms - NBC.com of course, plus Hulu and YouTube.

These are the four shows getting this special treatment which will expand their contributions to the TV Universe:

Feb. 11 (today)
"I Am A Fire-Fighter"
This is a 'Chicago Fire' spin-off for Dawson that will be in four parts.  In the story, Dawson will be faced with an emergency while being at the station-house alone.

Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day.  Or as it's known here at Toobworld Central, Friday)
"Love Is In The Air"
This is also a four-part story about the 'Grimm' wimmen, Juliette and Rosalee as they join their girl friends for a Valentine's Day spa party.  But their festivities (a bridal shower for Rosalee, perhaps?) are interrupted by a Zieglevolk.  (A Zieglevolk is a wesen that has a goat-like nature and they are probably the basis for the Greek myths about satyrs.)

Feb. 20 (next Thursday)
"The Hapley Group"
Again this spin-off (from my favorite of the bunch, 'Parks & Recreation') will be in four parts.  TV viewers in Pawnee, Indiana, will be "treated" to a variation on 'The McLaughlin Group' with Perd Hapley hosting a forum with Joan Callamezzo, Crazy Ira and the Douche, plus a new character named Mike Patterson.

And finally (even though it's broadcast earlier than the last two......)

Feb. 13 (Thursday)
"Friday Night At The Luncheonette" 
I imagine this will be in four parts like the others.  It's a spin-off from 'Parenthood', but it will feature an online crossover with the late series 'Friday Night Lights'.  Two of the 'Parenthood' characters, Max Braverman and Amber will be hanging out at the recording studio when the band Crucifictorious shows up.  Two people connected with the band are from Dillon, Texas, and that series - Billy Riggins and Landry Clarke.

There will be a Zonk attached to that crossover.  Derek Phillips is returning to the role of Billy, but he's already been on 'Parenthood' in the wedding episode.  I don't watch that show so I'm not sure if it's going to be a problem.

Anyway, online content is now considered part of the TV Universe - but on a case by case basis.  (I won't accept those new adventures of the Enterprise with most of the characters recast, for example.)  So I thought you might like to check these out....


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