Monday, February 3, 2014


Here's a list of the 2014 Super Bowl blipverts that I liked the best:

1]  Seinfeld - "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee"

No contest, this is the Master of the Domain.  Life continues for TV characters after cancellation.  And sometimes we get to see it.

And it was believable as a sequel, unlike the Dannon Oikas commercial with the three guys from 'Full House'.  To me, they were appearing as John Stamos, Bob Saget, and Dave Coulter, not as their characters.  Because otherwise, Jesse, what happened to Rebecca?  Where'd you hide the body?

As the actors, I find it easier to believe that their televersions just lead sad, pathetic lives....

2]  Radio Shack - "The Phone Call"

This is not a crossover of the originals.  For Toobworld, all of these "icons" from the 80s are "iMortals", living avatars from the ethernet......

iMortals were big in the Super Bowl blipverts this year.  Morpheus from "The Matrix", Richard Lewis, the mob from the ad for Square Space.....

3]  Audi - "Doberhuahua"

This crazy idea sums up "Life" in Toobworld perfectly.

4]  Cheerios - "Gracie"

I love "slice of life" commercials, even if there is a slight twist to them (like with #3 and #5).  But this was played straight and I hope the closed-minded saw how normal these lives were.  (A close second to this was the Chevy blipvert about World Cancer Day.)

5]  Doritos - "Time Machine"

A goofy version of "slice o' life".....

6]  Chevy Silverado - "Romance"

Why?  It's the song that sells it.

You may have noticed that the Budweiser puppy ad is not up here.  Sorry, it didn't move me like last year's about the bond between a Clydesdale and his former owner.  But it was cute.


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