Wednesday, February 26, 2014


While doing research on 'Mork And Mindy', I learned about a Brazilian remake entitled 'Superbronco' and starring Ronald Golias.  I was hoping to learn more about the show than that, but at least from the USA POV of the Internet, that's about all there is to find out.  However, it was Golias' one unsuccessful TV show.

But based just on this, I'd say that his character is also from Ork, sent on a similar mission to Earth.  I see this more as a spin-off than an international remake.

If his name turned out to be also Mork, that's okay.  Think how many Earthlings share the same name.  There were two Thomases in 'Downton Abbey', two Henrys in 'Picket Fences', and there were two Petes in 'The Adventures Of Pete And Pete', for Pete's sake!

He was probably named "Bronco", according to IMDb, but I haven't been able to verify that.

What if there were other Orkans who visited Earth Prime-Time around the same time as Mork and Bronco, eve they never got their own sitcoms in our world?  Could some "middle-aged" humans on TV right now, who don't seem "normal" by human standards, be actually Orkans hiding in plain sight?

If so, I think the Orkan who landed in Soviet Russia back in the late 1970s probably never survived once the Soviets got hold of him.......

In a border raid into the Cineverse, maybe this 1949 publicity shot of Jean Kent for "Trottie True" was of a woman from the planet Ork arriving on Earth.....


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