Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When Alexander Gifford was put in touch with a hitman, he never did learn the name of this accommodating killer who gave him advice on how to get rid of his wife.

Many TV characters have exact duplicates in the Cineverse, but usually they appear only in movies based on their TV shows:
  • Bret Maverick
  • Batman and Robin
  • Commander Quinton McHale and the crew of PT 73
  • Captain James Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise
But sometimes we can find ways to make allowances.  And having a nameless hitman works just fine.

Over in the Cineverse, the Hitman was known by the name of Sugar Smallhouse and even that could have been an alias.  He was mixed up in a murder case that involved a radioactive MacGuffin and which ultimately led to the loss of his own life....

As I mentioned, "Sugar Smallhouse" was probably an alias, so this Cineverse counterpart could have been thugs in other movies - so long as they took place before 1955....

As for Earth Prime-Time, I'd like to keep the Hitman's options open.  Jack Lambert was a natural when it came to playing the bad guys, what with those distinctive eyes.  And I'd like to combine some of those roles together.

Twelve years ago Jack Lambert passed away.  I'd like this to be a small tip of the fedora to the one of the denizens of Toobworld whom he portrayed.....

  • 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' - "Cheap Is Cheap"
  • "Kiss Me Deadly"
April 13, 1920 - February 18, 2002

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