Tuesday, January 14, 2014


The Danish TV series 'Borgen' proved not only a huge hit in its native country but in several other countries as well - not just other Scandinavian countries, but also the United Kingdom.

'Borgen' - which translates as "The Castle" - is focused on the backroom dealings of the Danish Parliament.  In the series' first season, the political maneuvers all led up to Birgitte Nyborg becoming the Prime Minister of Denmark.  As far as I know, Ms. Nyborg still holds that office, three seasons later.  (It will also be the final season.)  

But I imagine she does not hold the office in Earth Prime-Time, the main Toobworld.  I would imagine other Danish dramas (and their sitcoms as well, most likely) make references to the current holder of that office from the Trueniverse, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, in much the same way American TV shows refer to Barack Obama as the current POTUS.

So I think 'Borgen' needs to be relocated to the 'West Wing' TV dimension which would be a perfect fit... even if some celebrities and politicians may have played themselves during the course of the political series.

And now there are reports that 'Borgen' also exists in two different dimensions of another fictional universe, that based on radio programs and audio-plays.  

Not that I am any kind of expert in the Radioverse (Audioverse more expansive/inclusive?), but its main dimension already houses the Danish adaptation of a side story that focuses more on the world of the civil servants, the bureaucrats who do the actual work of government.  

But now there will be a British-produced version starring Tim Pigott-Smith as Hans Gammelgaard, the Private Secretary in the Ministry of the Environment.  It will follow the same storyline and despite being produced in English will be tailored to sound as Danish in flavor as possible, right down to the sound effects.  (It will be broadcast on BBC Radio Four.)

The storylines will complement each other, but you don't necessarily have to follow the TV show to understand what's going on in the radio version.  Or vice versa.  

"It's just an added bonus that when they talk about this politician or this minister you can go, 'Ok, I remember her from TV'," said Anders Lundorph, the radio version's director.

"Borgen: Outside the Castle" started on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 16th December 2013 at 14.15 GMT. 


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