Tuesday, January 21, 2014


A new Borderlands dimension between Toobworld and the Cineverse will be created with the eventual premiere of 'Dominion', a new series on Syfy.
'Dominion' is a spin-off to the 2010 movie "Legion" (the trailer for which creeps out my sister still!)  It will be set 25 years in the Future after the war between angels and Mankind has changed the world.  So even though I won't be around to still be the Curator of the Toobworld Dynamic, I can tell you straight away (from beyond the grave in advance as it were) that this can have no toe-hold in Earth Prime-Time.  If it had, wouldn't it have had some kind of impact on the shows like 'Doctor Who' and 'Star Trek'?
Syfy has given this a series order commitment, so it's a go.  
I suppose this new Toobworld will need a name.  "Angel Toobworld" works for me right now.....
You know where I'd like to stick this world?  (Easy....)  In the TV dimension Zombie Toobworld.  Make the claim that the battle between humans and angels claimed zombies as collateral damage.  
I just can't see the undead having such lasting power a quarter of a century from now.....
Then again, it could take up residence in a dimension that won't get much use in 25 years, like the '24' Toobworld, the 'Commander-in-Chief' dimension, or the world of 'Merlin'.

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