Sunday, December 15, 2013


The late great Charles Durning is the official portrayal of Santa Claus in the main Toobworld, having played the role five times:
  • Boyfriend for Christmas, A (2004)
  • Mr. St. Nick (2002)
  • Mrs. Santa Claus (1996)
  • Elmo Saves Christmas (1996) 
  • It Nearly Wasn't Christmas (1989)
But even though Durning passed away in 2012, I think there's a new production n which I'm going to claim it's Durning's Santa.

All we see of Santa Claus in an early Mercedes Benz commercial for this year is his arm waving out the window of the car.  So who else could it be in Toobworld and still be the official televersion of Santa?

(Since that first blipvert, Mercedes Benz has come out with several more ads in which Santa Claus can now be seen.  However, I'm just going to toss those over to other Toobworlds - both the naughty and the nice ones....)


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