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You will be seeing this ITV ident again here come Christmas Eve........

Russell T. Davies wanted to isolate the Time Lords of Gallifrey to the Universe of Earth Prime-Time.  (Actually to its own private universe - all showrunners see their shows as being alone in their own universe.)

But for the Toobworld Dynamic, that just can't be.  There was a Gallifrey in every TV dimension - but not always with Time Lords, apparently.

With the major alternate TV dimensions, we've seen proof of alternate Time Lords:

The Tooniverse - 'The Simpsons' & 'Futurama'

Skitlandia - "The Curse Of Fatal Death"

Black Toobworld - 'Lenny'

As for the Evil Toobworld, we didn't see the Doctor's devilish doppelganger when the Third Incarnation was trapped there, as seen in the story "Inferno".

And then there's the Promoverse.

We know the Doctor exists in the Promoverse, that dimension which sometimes combines shows from the same network, but always with the intent to promote the shows involved.

So in the BBC Christmas ident of 2011, we saw Smith's Incarnation of the Doctor playing Twister with Amelia Pond and a Cyberman.

And with the Doctor in the Promoverse, we can now make the assumption that his adventures in Earth Prime-Time were echoed in that world as well.

And we may have evidence of that in a new ident, even though it's not from the BBC.

In the latest ITV ident, various period dramas and contemporary mysteries all combined in one expansive mansion.

Here are the players we see in the promo:

Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham - Downton Abbey), Paddy Considine (Mr Whicher -The Suspicions of Mr Whicher), Katherine Kelly (Lady Mae Loxley- Mr Selfridge), Martin Clunes (Dr Martin Ellingham- Doc Martin), Jeremy Piven (Mr Selfridge), Anna Maxwell Martin (Susan Gray - The Bletchley Circle), Jim Carter (Carson - Downton Abbey), Shaun Evans (Detective Constable Endeavour Morse - Endeavour), Rupert Penry-Jones (DI Chandler -Whitechapel), Phil Davis (DS Miles - Whitechapel) Brenda Blethyn (DCI Vera Stanhope - Vera), David Leon (DS Joe Ashworth - Vera) Aisling Loftus ( Agnes Towler - Mr Selfridge) and Joanne Froggatt (Anna Bates -Downton Abbey) were filmed for these specially shot scenes for the new Where Drama Lives trail.

They are joined by Inspector Morse (John Thaw - Morse), DCI Jane Tennison (Helen Mirren – Prime Suspect), Sebastian Flyte (Anthony Andrews - Brideshead Revisited) and Hercule Poirot (David Suchet - Poirot) who were added through post production techniques, representing some of the channel’s defining, iconic characters. Viewers will also see Sebastian’s teddy bear, Aloysius.
  • Hercule Poirot from 1930's London
  • Endeavour Morse from Oxford of the 1960's and the 1990's
  • Lord Robert Grantham, Charles Carson, and Anna Bates from the Village of Downton in Yorkshire in the 1920's
  • Dr. Martin Ellingham, from the new millennium in Portwenn in Cornwall
  • Susan Grey, from London of the 1950's
  • Harry Selfridge, Lady Mae Moxley, and Agnes Towler from London of the 1910 decade
  • DI Jane Tennyson, first in London and then Manchester in the 1990's into the new millenium
  • Jack Whicher, London of the 1860's
  • DCI Vera Stanhope and DS Joe Ashworth, modern day Northumberland
  • DI Chandler and DS Miles in modern day London
  • Sebastian Flyte and his teddy bear Aloysius, 1920s Oxford
So they're all blended together from different time periods and locales and we that happen before: 'Doctor Who' - "The Wedding Of River Song", in which Winston Churchill, ancient Romans, dinosaurs, and steampunk technology were all sharing the same timeline in London.

And now we have more proof that the Doctor is in the Promoverse!  In the CBS promo for the Monday night lineup, a planet explodes and we see the TARDIS spin by - all in the first six seconds.  Blink and you miss it!


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