Friday, September 27, 2013


Usually with the September induction into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame, I pick someone from behind the scenes who has done a lot of work in connecting TV shows together - Dick Wolf, Susan Harris, Norman Lear, Brandon Tartikoff, and Wm. T. Orr are just a few examples.

But this year I've gone with someone in front of the camera, even though he's also been the producer of his show since 1987 and has been responsible for making it the juggernaut that has crossed over with so many other TV shows.

I'll take:

Host of 'Jeopardy!'

for $100.00......

I wonder if the show would have become as popular as it is had Trebek not been the host and producer for so many years.

Just look at how many other TV series have jumped on the bandwagon:
  • 'Mama's Family'

  • 'How I Met Your Mother'
  • 'Married To The Kellys'
  • 'Mad About You'
  • 'Baywatch'
  • 'Men Behaving Badly'
  • 'The Nanny'
  • 'Beverly Hills 90210'
  • 'Blossom'
  • 'Ellen'
  • 'Dave's World'
  • 'Cheers'
  • 'Pacific Station'
  • 'The Golden Girls'
  • 'Ned And Stacy'
  • 'The Larry Sanders Show'

There is a movie from the Cineverse which Toobworld has absorbed - "Charlie's Angels".

There are the TV shows from the Tooniverse:
  • 'Pepper Ann'
  • 'Arthur'
  • 'The Simpsons'
He exists in Skitlandia as well (thanks to Will Ferrell on 'Saturday Night Live') but not looking anything like he does in other dimensions.  In fact, his televersion crossed over into Skitlandia to confront his doppelganger.

Some of the shows listed above, most notably 'The Golden Girls' and possibly 'Blossom' had Alex Trebek appearing in dream sequences.  But in order to have dreamt about him, then he had to exist.

And he had to be known the FBI agents working on 'The X-Files' or else Jose Chung's claim that a Man in Black looked like Alex Trebek wouldn't have had the same impact.

And if he wasn't busy enough hosting his own show, Alex Trebek once hosted 'The Wheel Of Fortune' as well.  (I think he and Pat Sajak traded off, perhaps for April Fool's.)

With such a long list of shows to his credit, is it any wonder that he should be inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame?

Welcome aboard, Alex!

(And for good measure, we're inducting the TV show 'Jeopardy!' as well!

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