Wednesday, July 31, 2013


The Ideal News Story
By John O'Creagh

Tonight we begin as we usually do with something tragic and deadly
It’s the sort of thing our writers can come up with pretty readily
A bus-load of innocent children were returning from church camp
When the driver, suspected of being drunk, sped down the exit ramp
It ploughed into a little old lady pushing a tattered pram
She’d just kidnapped an infant in furtherance of a scam
She and the infant bought the farm. Before the bus got too far
It killed a pair of newlyweds when it landed on their car
The bus broke down a railing and after an awful fall
Destroyed a homeless vet’s wheelchair and burst through a motel wall
Where amidst all of the wreckage and tragic loss of life
A prominent politician was found with someone else’s wife
An ambulance racing to the scene struck and killed a nun
Who was found to have large sums in cash and a very impressive gun
It was subsequently revealed that she was not
A nun at all, but the FBI, foiling a terror plot
But the dog in the bus found its way back home according to reports
To the joy of its grateful family. Here’s Charlie with the sports.

Thanks as always, John!

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