Monday, June 3, 2013


Speaking of my vacation......

Everybody in the Trueniverse has a doppelganger in the TV Universe, living on Earth Prime-Time. Sometimes they even have more than one, living in the alternate dimensions like Skitlandia or the Tooniverse.

Best known of course are the celebrities who play themselves in various TV shows, and I've been featuring them all year in the daily showcase "The League Of Themselves."

But ordinary folk like you and me (well you anyway) would also be in this Brave View World. Most of us would lead the same lives we do in the real world, with some adjustments.

Take me for example. (Ladies, please take me!) My televersion has even been inducted into the TV Crossover Hall of Fame! (The vote was a landslide - unanimous!)

But the differences between Tele-Toby and my own life would include:
1] He's a citizen of Joyville, Connecticut. ('The Hap Richards Show')
2] He spent an afternoon with many of his cousins and two of his brothers out in the Connecticut woods at a ranger station. ('The Ranger Andy Show')
3] He went to a lot of hockey games. ("The Deadliest Season")
But those were because of my appearances on a couple of local kids' shows in Connecticut plus a TV movie about sports violence. But just regular life could influence the course of one's life in the TV Universe. 
 My televersion also was in the audience for the 100th taping of 'Late Show with David Letterman', and by an amazing coincidence, so was I!

I'm thinking I'll be rummaging through the photo albums of my Facebook friends to find pictures of them that could be of their televersions.

But with the first two, I at least got their permission to run with the idea.....

Expect those over the next two weeks!


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