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When it comes to the TV adaptation of George R.R. Martin's "A Song Of Ice And Fire" cycle as 'Game Of Thrones', it has been the Toobworld Dynamic premise that the series takes place on the planet Mondas from 'Doctor Who'.  Mondas is the Earth's twin, sharing the same orbit, but it was there first for many eons and had been created of star stuff naturally as an act of God.  On the other hand, Earth was manufactured as a super computer by the Magratheans.  (So there's your Creationism vs. Evolution argument, I guess.)

The events of 'Game Of Thrones' took place long before humans from other star systems crash-landed on Earth to breed with the native humanoid stock.  By that time, Mondas was just beginning the cybernetic transformation of its populace and it's our contention that many rebels against this process escaped the planet by spaceship and fled to Earth seeking refuge.  (See the 'Twilight Zone' episode "Probe 7 - Over And Out" for details.)

One TV show episode that belongs on the Mondas timeline just before the "rise of the Cybermen" would be "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You" which is also from 'The Twilight Zone'.  It takes place in the year 2000, and since those events never happened on Earth Prime-Time, then it should be considered the year 2000 A.L. on Mondas.

Toobworld Central didn't have anything to back up this claim... which has never stopped me before.  But now there is some suggestive evidence that the world of the Seven Kingdoms carried on long after the book cycle will end.  And surprisingly enough, that "proof" comes from the TV show itself.

Here is the music that played over the end credits:

We heard the song earlier in the episode of "The Walk Of Punishment" when Roose Bolton's men sang it as they transported Jaime and Brienne as their prisoners.  

But at that time it had the flavor of the times - a carousing simulation of a Medieval song for that world.  (Jaime rightly assumed that the men were working themselves up to rape Brienne once they made camp.)  The other version, however, is reminiscent of the Irish punk sound from the 1980s here on Earth.  

Therefore, the song survived the ages and was revived and adapted by some band in the years before they were transformed into Cybermen like the rest of the world's population.

Works for me!


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