Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Okay, I know I said I wasn't going to post anything besides the preset showcases for the League of Themselves, but I have a Sked Alert:

My friend Shirley Jordan, whose two characters of the "Doctor" (no, not him!) and the "Nurse" were the Birthday Honors List inductees this past yarren, sent out this email to her friends:


Inquiring minds wanted to know, so here's a reminder!

There'll be a Shirley sighting this Thursday on SCANDAL at 10pm on ABC.
I play a presidential debate moderator at the top of the show in a short flashback.

Seeya Later,


And if you watch Let's Make A Deal at 10AM the same day, you'll see my sister Jeanetta and her boyfriend Windsor dressed up as cameras! What are the chances of that????!!!!


This is a Facebook notice from her sister, my friend Jeanetta Gonzalez:

TWO ANNOUNCEMENTS for Thursday this week:

#1. Watch "Let's Make a Deal" this Thursday, Jan. 17th, CBS, 9am PST (check local listings). Watch/DVR it! Look for me and Windsor!

#2. This is from my sister, Shirley Jordan's FB post:
Thursday - SCANDAL - Jan. 17th. ABC. 10PM. Yours truly (Shirley) as the Presidential debate moderator. Quite an exciting, inspiring day! Watch/DVR the episode!

Jeanetta is modest - she put them in reverse order. But since her show will be airing first on Thursday, I re-arranged it.

I'm thinking Shirley's appearance as the moderator could be a tie-in to her appearance on 'Commander-In-Chief' a few years back. In that, she played "Friend #1" at the President's birthday gala. No name given, no occupation listed, so why couldn't she be this debate moderator?

I know I've often said about shows from alternate TV dimensions - "Oh, this can go into the 'West Wing' dimension', or "This can go into the 'Commander-In-Chief' dimension." But I think this time I'm going to lock it in that 'Scandal' follows Geena Davis' series on that alt-Toobworld timeline. And all because of Shirley.

As for Jeanetta, this will go into her League of Themselves tally. Just about everybody today has a televersion, or at the least they have the potential to become TV characters based on themselves. And being seen in the audience of a game show has to be better than being suspected of being an extraterrestrial like my friend, singer Natalie Major. (Eventually I'll get around to posting that story... BUT DON'T TELL HER! LOL)

Jeanetta is a graphics designer and you can check out her incredible work here.

Um... Two for Thursday!


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