Thursday, January 31, 2013


"There is no difficulty.
There is only Prudence."
Cerita Ortiz
'I Spy'

When 'Mr. Lucky' met a woman named Prudence (no last name given) on board his floating casino Fortuna II, he asked her if she really was prudent. He should have asked her if her name really was Prudence.

I believe that she was actually Cinnamon Carter, agent for the Impossible Mission Force, and that she was working the government angle in the investigation into the counterfeit money transfer scheme.

By the time Lt. Rovacs of the NYPD clued Lucky and Andamo in on the plot, "Prudence" had already uncovered that Professor Olander was not hte math professor at Wilbur College as he claimed. In order to protect her cover story, "Prudence" claimed that she was a Wilbur College graduate and that Olander could not have been teaching there for the last fifteen years since the math professor there was a woman. (Pretty small college if they had only one math professor!)

Whether "Prudence" was an alias, or "Cinnamon" was a nickname is unknown. But I'm perfectly happy in thinking her name was Prudence "Cinnamon" Carter.

(As you probably expected, Barbara Bain played both Prudence on 'Mr. Lucky' and Cinnamon Carter in 'Mission Impossible' and one episode of 'Diagnosis Murder'.)


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