Sunday, December 16, 2012


I have a friend who posts his poetry on Facebook, covering a wide array of topics - mostly of the world's social situation and Life in general.

Recently, he turned his attention to the TV fare during the Christmas season:

The Christmas movies have begun
The season now grows warm and mellow
Oh, the joy, the glee, the fun
It makes a person want to bellow
Here’s the plot that’s number one,

A girl’s engaged to the wrong fellow.
A relative, an aging male
Encounters a young lonely guy
And it will follow without fail
He’ll drag him home for Christmas pie
And there he’ll meet the gorgeous frail
They fall in love, and by and by
She dumps the party of the first part
He isn’t right for her, you know
Meanwhile the new guy breaks her heart
Because, it seems, he has to go
And this is when the wise old fart
Sends her off to chase her beau.
She goes dashing helter-skelter
For the airport or the train
While the fluffy snowflakes pelt ‘er
Only minutes still remain
Then with a kiss that makes us swelter
She is in his arms again
Cue the family, cue the tree
Cue the cute precocious child
Staring most adorably
At the presents neatly piled
Cue the lovers, cue the glee
Cue yours truly, driven wild!
- John O'Creagh

Thanks, John!

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