Monday, December 3, 2012


The "Gender Variations In The Arts" blog pointed out this difference between the real world and the events that took place in 'Tales Of The City':

"Anna could not go to Denmark in 1964, because after the Jorgensen affair, Denmark had passed a law limiting gender surgery to Danish citizens."

Earth Prime-Time must reflect life in Earth Prime as much as possible. Allowances can be made for androids, talking animals, slightly different birthdates, but if the exception is abused, the "offending" TV show gets shoved off to a different dimension. 

Toobworld has no problem with Poochinsky (except that the pilot was horrible, of course), but a town full of talking bovines? Moo Mesa gets relocated to the Tooniverse. 
If Jules Verne is said to have been born a decade later than in real life, we can live with that discrepancy. Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century - no matter if he's in London or New York City - has to find his 221 B Baker Street lodgings in some alternate Toobworld.

In this case concerning Danish law, I don't see how holding off on that ruling on gender surgery for at least a decade to accommodate Andy Ramsay (better known now as Mrs. Anna Madrigal) would have affected any other TV shows.

Of course, I haven't seen any Danish TV dramas or sitcoms that might have addressed the topic, but even so, I think this can be granted a pass......


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