Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Today marks the 51st anniversary of 'The Dick Van Dyke Show'. One year ago today, I took part in Ivan Shreve's brilliant blogathon celebrating the "Camelot" of sitcoms' 50th anniversary by posting about 29 blog posts during the course of that day. And even then I felt as though I really didn't squeeze as much out of this, my third favorite TV show of all time. (Okay, if you must know - 'The Prisoner' and 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' rank above it. 'Columbo', 'Doctor Who', 'Lost' and 'Maverick' follow.)

So for this past year, I've been posting other articles about particular facets of the show:
  • guest characters who may have appeared in other TV shows (Mrs. Glimpsher on 'I Love Lucy' and a Camp Crowder soldier on 'Columbo')
  • theories of "relateeveety," including tie-ins to the TV Western salute and to Black History Month
  • and salutes to actors connected to the show who passed away. (I failed John Rich, the show's best director, by not marking his passing with one of these posts. At least I'll get to mention Biff Elliot later today....)
Today will mark the end of that year-long effort. For this last hurrah, I have a couple of items to post. But I think I may do one last article for Halloween - and no, it won't be about the Twiloites.....


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