Thursday, September 13, 2012


Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan are teaming up to bring the "Beverly Hills Cop" movie franchise to Toobworld.

At least they hope so - CBS has commissioned a pilot, so we might not get to see even that. If not, even if it was made, it wouldn't get into Toobworld without being broadcast.

But if it does become part of the Toobworld Dynamic, it could bring the three movies out of the Cineverse and into Earth Prime-Time with it, since Murphy will be playing Axel Foley on a recurring basis. (The star of the show would be Axel's son Aaron.)

However, if the show recasts the roles from the movie played by John Ashton and Judge Reinhold, then the movies stay in the Cineverse. (At best they could show up in the Borderlands, but I'd rather keep the series separate and part of Earth Prime-Time rather than banish it.)


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