Thursday, July 12, 2012



Mrs. Michelle Marber lived in the Oxford environs whose only son, Stevie, was something of a genius, apparently. But he died of a drug overdose and his mother refused to believe he could have been mixed up in the use of drugs. She became a nuisance to the police and interfered in several of their investigations, even in London and Edinburgh.

Because the latest murder in Oxford hit so close to home for her, Mrs. Marber redoubled her efforts, which proved to be a thorn in the side for D.I. Lewis and D.S. Hathaway (even if they did empathize with her.)

When he saw Mrs. Marber approaching with her bags of "evidence", Inspector Lewis grumbled that she was "bloody Miss Marple".

She must have heard him, because later she related how it brought her some form of comfort to be involved in the investigation.

"At least as Miss Marple," she said to Lewis, "I get a little bit closer."

With both references to the spinster sleuth, there was no mention of the novels and short stories by Dame Agatha Christie; nothing was said about the TV series starring Joan Hickson, nor the one with Geraldine McEwan, nor the one with Julia McKenzie; certainly the movies starring Margaret Rutherford were not brought up!

As such, Toobworld Central invokes the right to claim that Miss Jane Marple was mentioned because she was a real amateur detective whose exploits were chronicled by the televersion of Dame Agatha.

Therefore, Miss Marple, Dame Agatha Christie, and Inspector Lewis (and by extension, Inspector Morse) all share the same TV dimension of Earth Prime-Time. (And the official Miss Marple is Joan Hickson. All the rest are to be found in other TV dimensions.)


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