Friday, May 4, 2012



This sitcom solidified its presence in the Toobworld Dynamic with a League of Themselves appearance by Kevin Sorbo. This comes just a few weeks after Jack Donaghy at '30 Rock' pointed out that he knew the actor.

Chloe brought Sorbo to a wedding reception (telling him that he was the keynote speaker at an MS fund-raiser) because her room-mate June had poached her "go-to" celebrity (James Van Der Beek) to be her plus one at the party.

During the explanation, Sorbo was referred to as "Hercules", which is the role Sorbo played not only in the Trueniverse but in Toobworld as well. However, the actor is also the actual Hercules, and "Kevin Sorbo" is an alias.

But within the context of this scene, I don't think any of the others actually knew this; it was just a reference to his TV role. Like calling Leonard Nimoy "Spock" to his face long after 'Star Trek' ended.....

As for Sorbo's references to his Aunt Bonnie, who died of MS and was pictured in his lapel button, she would be part of his adopted family which helped Hercules with the illusion of Sorbo's personal life. Whether the woman ever knew Sorbo made this claim that she was his aunt will most likely never be known.

Still, Sorbo now has another title to his credit for inclusion in the TV Crossover Hall Of Fame:

'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'
'Xena, Warrior Princess'
The "Hercules" TV movies
'30 Rock'
'Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23'
'Santa Barbara'
(Maybe the delivery man he played in one episode of the soap opera was "Kevin Sorbo" as he was just starting out as an actor......)


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Robert Wronski said...

I take the same "adopted family" approach for the immortal bumblers and Three Stooges in films and shorts where they are said to have an uncle or something. It was more of a close friend who has aged.