Friday, March 23, 2012


My latest series for lunch-hour viewing at work is a ten episode compilation of 'The Rogues'. It's the story of an international family of swindlers, led by David Niven, Gig Young, and Charles Boyer, with Robert Coote and Gladys Cooper providing support from their familiial base of operations.

I started off with "The Personal Touch" and it felt like the series launch that it was - all of the principles appeared (although Boyer was a voice-over), and there was an elaborate ruse to open the episode which established the premise.

But check out these guest stars:

Walter Matthau
Dina Merrill
Alfred Ryder
John Dehner

And there was a great supporting cast of character actors:

Marcel Hillaire
Dabbs Greer
John Banner
Johnny Silver

I now have another episode under my belt, with James Gregory playing their mark, and once again the whole family was involved. If they can keep up the quality I've seen in this light-hearted con game, it should be a pleasurable ten lunch hours at work!



Mike Doran said...

From Chicago, cradle of MEtv:

MEtv (now spreading around the USA) runs The Rogues late Saturdays/early Sundays at 4:00 in the blessed AM Eastern Standard Time(3:00 in the BAM Central).
As of now they've run at least 18 of the episodes, leading me to believe that they have the complete inventory on hand. (I hope.)

Toby O'B said...

I hear so much about ME-TV; I hope it eventually comes here to NYC!