Monday, October 31, 2011


One last post for All Hallow's Eve....

I just wanted to share a more personal Halloween story, even though it still has TV connections.

My god-daughter Rhiannon and her family live in Taiwan; they've been there for at least six years, I believe. (I tend to lose track of time, prime or otherwise.) And she makes her godfather proud when I see that she'll be ready for the coming Zombie apocalypse.....

Here's what her father, my Little Buddy Sean, wrote in Facebook back in June:

Rhiannon: "Daddy, why do they say 'rest in peace' when someone dies?"

Me: "Well, it's because you hope they won't come back as a zombie and you'll have to hack them to lots of pieces..."

Rhiannon: "You have to get the zombies in the head, right? In the brain?"

... first she's holding her air pistol with just one hand, now this. Makes a daddy proud...
And yeah, that is TV-related. 'The Walking Dead' has returned to huge ratings (although I don't watch it - it takes place on Earth Prime-Time/Z.) And zombies are supposedly the number one costume choice this season.


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