Monday, September 5, 2011


Since it's Labor Day, I figured I'd let other people do the work for me.

Like my British blogging buddy Rob Buckley, for instance, who brought this clip to my attention......

(Rob's blog - the fourth most popular in Great Britain - can be found as a link to the left.  "The Medium Is Not Enough".  I highly recommend it.....)

So we have the caterers from 'Party Down' appearing in a fifteen minute long series called 'Children's Hospital'.

So what if the ties are blue and not pink as in the series? That means nothing. The owner of the catering company may have changed the style. It may have been a request from the people throwing the party.

Not everybody from the cast could be shown in the clip - some of them are now working as regulars on 'Children's Hospital' in other roles.

Definitely a contender for the Toobits Awards at the end of the year....


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