Monday, March 21, 2011


One of my Facebook friends, J.r. Klink, has been a great source for inspiration when it comes to Video Weekend lately. But now he's shared a link to a collection of great police blotter reports from around the country.

This particular one caught my eye: You see, in Toobworld, food is alive. Chicken carcasses dance; sandwiches urge you to drink orange juice rather than eating them; and plump juicy raisins sing their hearts out in bowls of raisin bran.

So a chicken pot pie running down the street wouldn't seem that unlikely... if it wasn't for the fact that this happened in the Trueniverse! O'Bviously the TV Universe is bleeding into our own world!

Remember - as Sgt. Esterhaus would have told you, let's be careful out there.

The next chicken pot pie might have your name on it......


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