Tuesday, September 14, 2010


On 'Masterpiece Mystery' this week on PBS, the 'Inspector Lewis' episode was "Dark Matter", which used astronomy (and specifically the Transit of Venus) as part of its background. The murder victim believed that this astronomical event was going to happen two years earlier than expected - at 3:15 pm on June 5.

The calendar they showed had the Fifth of June falling on a Friday, so this episode has to take place back in 2009 (probably close to when it was shown in Great Britain.)

The penultimate episode of the 'Being Human' sophomore season depended on the day when the clocks were turned back in Great Britain for a key plot point. So that will be happening in October of this year. This was cemented by the opening scene set back in 1941 during the London Blitz when the vampire Ivan turned Daisy - later in the episode, Daisy mentioned that she and Ivan had been together 69 years, making the "present" definitely 2010. Oddly, it's ending on Halloween, a Sunday, which seemed a strange time to schedule a parents-teachers meeting so late in the day when the kids should have been out trick or treating. Or don't they do that over there? (Rob?)

I don't know; it's the Brits. Like Archie Bunker said, ain't they always picking their handkerchiefs out of their sleeves? (Just in the mood to go poking with a sharp stick this morning..... LOL)


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