Saturday, September 25, 2010


Got a crossover verification request from a member of Team Toobworld:

Hi Toby,

I recently went through a huge pile of pilots that I've been putting off for a rainy day and watched 'M.O.N.Y.', a 2007 NBC Barry Levinson/Tom Fontana unaired pilot. It is about a fill in guy for the Mayor of New York who suddenly by an car accident makes him Mayor. A supposed terrorist cell is in Brooklyn and the new Mayor played by Bobby Canavale has to order a raid. It turns out they were just Muslim and the suspected terrorist is wrongly killed by NYPD.

Anyway, at the very near end I spotted an uncredited sighting of our favorite Det. John Munch. It also featured NYPD cars from the 74th Pct. which was the home station for 'Brooklyn South'. Can anyone else verify this or has seen this pilot? Let me know.



I've never seen it. But if you have, contact me and let me know if Vincent has the facts right.......

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