Monday, August 16, 2010


Toobworld Central has always maintained that exact strands of genetic material can be reproduced over and over again throughout centuries. We've seen it happen with the ancestors of the Simon brothers on 'Simon and Simon'. But could an exact copy be reproduced nearly 5 billion years into the future?

Back in 1895, HG Wells knew a very obese man named Albert Pyecraft; they were members of the same club in London. Pyecraft had been a mathematical prodigy, providing three solutions to a nearly unsolvable theorem when he was fifteen. But his exceeding obesity made him something of a social pariah and he never thought he'd find love in that state. However, after trying a mysterious potion that was supposed to free him of his excess weight, he found that it made him float in the air instead - truly weightless!

In the end, he gained the Newton Chair of Mathematics at Oxford (in Toobworld, only of course) and found love in a girl named Violet.
We're told that eventually the effects of the potion wore off exponentially and he was able to lead a normal life once again. (The TV version of the story differs quite a bit, save for the basics, from the original story.)
Now could it be that if Albert and Violet had children, eventually one of them would be the Duke of Manhattan on the planet New Earth in the year 5,000,000,023? They certainly look alike:
(Outside of the Toobworld reality, this was because they were played by the same actor - Michael Fitzgerald.)

Here's another thought - what if Albert and Violet consumed their passions before the effects of the potion wore off? Could Albert have passed on his "power" to his progeny? By dancing with Violet after proposing to her, he revealed his predilection as they both floated in the air. Not knowing how long the condition might last, perhaps they decided to take advantage of the situation without the "sanctity of marriage" - so that at least for the time being, Albert could be on top......


I wonder if there are any TV characters in the early days of the 20th Century who were born with the power to fly? Or maybe it had to wait a few generations before it finally manifested itself.....?

'The Infinite Worlds Of HG Wells'

'Doctor Who' - "New Earth"


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