Friday, June 4, 2010


Because of a special birthday salute on Sunday, I'm bringing the TV movie "The Librarian: Quest For The Spear" along with me on vacation this year. As I was grabbing pictures from it, I realized I'd like to watch that again.

And as I was looking for the specific pictures to use in Sunday's blog post, I came up with another theory of "relateeveety" from it.....

The antagonist in that first "Librarian" TV-movie was Edward Wilde, who held the post of Librarian before Flynn Carsen.

Here's the thumbnail biography for Wilde from Wikipedia:
Edward Wilde was the preceding 'Librarian' before Flynn, and he was considered to be very good. He worked with Nicole for two years during which time she fell in love with him. During an adventure in the Antarctic involving the Serpent Brotherhood, Wilde had to build an igloo to shelter himself and Nicole. He made it appear to Nicole that he had been killed by the Serpent Brotherhood, but in reality Edward staged his own death to ally himself with the Brotherhood in an effort to steal the Spear of Destiny and take control of the world.

Toobworld Central is proposing that Edward Wilde is the son of Danny Wilde, whose crime-fighting exploits and sexual escapades in middle age across the European continent were chronicled in the TV series 'The Persuaders'.

And here's what can be found in Wikipedia about Danny Wilde:
Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis) is a rough diamond, educated and molded in the back slums of New York City, who escaped by enlisting in the U.S. Navy. He later became a millionaire in the oil business. Wilde never reveals nor explains his reasons (for working for Judge Fulton with Lord Brett Sinclair.)

But a better biography can be found in the show's opening titles sequence (because it has a great John Barry score):

But that file, put together by Judge Fulton to get those two men working for him, may not have shown all the details in Danny Wilde's life. It's pozz'ble, just pozz'ble, that Danny married as a young man, perhaps to a girl from the old neighborhood. But when he struck it big, he found that he no longer shared the same interests as his wife. Money may have gone to his head and he went searching for the good things to be found in the high life, perhaps even a second, "trophy wife". As such, he would have obtained a divorce, providing his ex-wife with the means to live comfortably on her own. But she wouldn't be all alone - for the purposes of this theory of relateeveety, Mrs. Wilde gave birth to Danny's son in 1959 and named him Edward. (The birth date for Edward Wilde is based on the age of the actor who played him, Kyle MacLachlan.)

Danny Wilde provided his son with everything he needed, except his love and companionship. (Danny probably had a closer relationship with Lord Sinclair than he ever had with his own son.) Edward grew up, wanting for nothing, but seething with resentment against his father and the world in general. A certified genius, his father's money guaranteed Edward's chance to get into the right schools and he soon came under the notice of Judson at the Metropolitan Public Library. The rest we know from the TV-movie.

The rift between Edward and his father was so great, that Danny's crime-fighting partner, Lord Brett Sinclair, may not even have known that Danny's son existed. It was probably listed in the file compiled by Judge Fulton, but he apparently never felt the need to share it with his Lordship...... BCnU!

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Luke C. Lynch said...

That was great seeing those old photos of Curtis & Moore. I had forgotton about that show until now. Thanks Toby.