Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Fictionalized versions of real-world TV shows are nothing new in Toobworld. Accepting them (with splainins) is the best hope to keep the TV Universe cohesive; I just can't throw everything that gets Zonked into a parallel dimension.... Where's the sport in that?

So along with the show-within-a-show version of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' as mentioned in the previous post, there's also a Toobworld version of 'Gossip Girl' - thanks to a recent episode of '30 Rock'. Since the real TV show is based on a series of novels, we can make that same claim for the fictional version.

In the scene pictured, a young girl named Tartine has a tearful goodbye with her mother, who's dying of old age - at 41. (Damn! I wish it had been "42"!) Jenna Maroney of 'TGS with Tracy Jordan' guest-starred as the ill-fated Mom.


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You got nice write ups but there is one thing that looks awkward and that is the title image, adjust it properly.Else is fine.