Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sunday night's episode of 'Brothers & Sisters' took place at "The Wine Festival" - the Golden State Wine Festival, to be exact. As can be seen in the second screen capture, there were pavillions about the grounds; these served as promotional booths for the various vintners. Ojai Foods was represented by its sister company Walker Landing and its Coastal Reserve wine won the top prize at the festival. But who else could have been there at the festival?

I think it's possible that Carsini Vineyards might have been represented in one of those pavilions. More than likely Adrian Carsini is not connected to the company founded by his father; like the actor who played him (Donald Pleasance), Carsini is probably dead by now. And because of his legal problems, Carsini may have been forced to sell the company to the Merino Brothers.

Another family-owned vineyard that might have been at the Golden State Festival could be the Pinoni Vineyards, the setting for the short-lived sitcom 'Encore! Encore!'.


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IAmATVJunkie said...

As much as I love Nathan, that show failed on so many levels it was criminal.