Tuesday, December 23, 2008


As 'Boston Legal' said goodbye earlier this month, it just wouldn't have been a proper send-off without at least one more Zonk from the show that not only broke the fourth wall but knocked it down and danced a jig on it. And boy, did they deliver!

As the litigation department took the elevator to meet their new bosses from China and hopefully to persuade them to keep them on, they discussed whether or not Larry Storch played Agarn on 'F Troop'.

At least with this one, it's far easier to splain it away than some of the doozies they Zonked us with in the past. Since Toobworld has its own 'F Troop' (which was probably established in an episode of 'Married... With Chidlren), we can make the assumption that they were talking about an historical representation of what really happened with Fort Courage back in the wild wild west days. And as they didn't go into any details as to what type of show 'F Trioop' was, we don't have to assume that it was a sitcom; it could have been an hour-long drama like 'Bonanza' or 'Gunsmoke'.

As for Larry Storch's participation in the project, we know from that episode of 'Married... With Children' - in which he gave his name to an acting school franchise - he has a televersion in Toobworld. And being an actor, he probably was cast as Agarn because of his incredible genetic resemblance to the historical figure of Randolph Agarn. (Toobworld Central uses Agarn as the basic example of how strong a genetic echo can be in Toobworld; not only because of the many relatives who resembled him on the show, but also because of the many other characters Larry Storch played on TV.)

So for once, 'Boston Legal' gave us an easy Zonk to prosecute; a parting gift to go along with the entire series as a whole.

Toby O'B

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