Thursday, November 27, 2008


I don't keep track of what songs are used in Toobworld soundtracks, or how often; I wonder if anybody does. But when my brother mentioned Jeff Buckley's cover of "Hallelujah" in recent emails and on his Facebook page, I wondered if there could be a song used more often than that on TV. (The only song that comes to mind - and I don't even know the title - is a hard-driving disco kind of number, where a deep-voiced guy goes "Ohhhh, Yeahhhhh". You know the song....)

Anyhoo, here are the series in which "Hallelujah" - as sung by Buckley - appeared in at least one episode. And you'll see why today was the perfect day to comment on this.....

"Ugly Betty"
- A Nice Day for a Posh Wedding

- The Honeymoon Is Over

"Criminal Minds"
- A Real Rain

"House M.D."
- Acceptance

- Thanksgiving

"The O.C."
- The Ties That Bind

"Without a Trace"
- Fallout: Part 2

"The Dead Zone"
- unknown episodes

"The West Wing"
- Posse Comitatus

Toby O'B

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joy said...

Without a trace is one of my fave show.There are a lot of episodes with shocking endings, you never really know what's gonna happen, sometimes there are so many twists and turns to an episode you'll get dizzy. It's hard to explain such a great show, that's just what it is, a great show, sometimes I'd even say amazing. I would recommend this to anyone.