Sunday, August 17, 2008


Even though 'The L Word' is telecast on Showtime, which is a premium channel, they will be introducing product placement into the show with as much focus as has been given to Degree anti-perspirant in 'Eureka' and to Dunkin Donuts in 'Psych'.

For $300,000, brands could buy an "integration package" which would either incorporate that brand into an existing storyline of 'The L Word', or they could work with the writers and producers to get a customized storyline.

To me, this sounds like it's going to be as heavy-handed and obtrusive as those Dunkin Donuts and Degree mentions turned out to be on 'Psych' and 'Eureka' respectively.

Especially when you think of the basic subject matter of 'The L Word' - a group of friends, many of whom are lesbians - ya gotta wonder: what exactly could the product be that could be worked into a storyline?

I mean, I have ideas, but I try to keep this a friendly blog.........

Toby O'B

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