Monday, July 7, 2008


I went searching the web for a picture of Larry Harmon, owner of the "Bozo" franchise, as a Stan Laurel look-alike in an episode of 'Matt Houston'. And so I found myself at Chuck McCann's website ( because he was the co-star as the Oliver Hardy look-alike.

No pics of Harmon with Chuck, but there was a clip from 'Matt Houston' with Chuck in another episode. This time he was a serial killer who wanted his victims to make the front page of the paper. And it really irked him to find that Matt Houston got the front page glory when one of his victims was "buried" on page sixteen. (And there's another reference to a 'Lost' number!)

And that newspaper with Matt's mug plastered above the fold?
The Los Angeles Tribune.

Of course, all true TV aficionados recognize that name from 'Lou Grant'. But it's also made its mark in the second version of 'Burke's Law', the failed pilot episode of 'Lookwell', the TV movie "The Chinese Typewriter", and now this!

(It was also in an episode of '24', but that would be an extra-dimensional counterpart since '24' must take place in an alternate dimension due to the number of American Presidents it's had instead of the ones from Earth Prime-Time and the real world.)

Does anybody know if 'Matt Houston' deserved to be officially in the TV Universe already before this? I'll put the shout-out to RAF to check on this, as I can't find my copy of his list in my hard drive!

Toby OB


Anonymous said...

I Have Matt Houston in for the tribune, it also appeared on a few shows you do not have listed, Wonder Woman, Moonlighting, Remington Steele and strangly becouse I got them from you Columbo and City of Angels

it's good to see a picture of it from Houston thanks


LadyAleena Noyb said...

I really wish to have seen screen shots from all the mentioned series with their respective episode appearances. Also, which City of Angels, 1976 or 2000? This would help me a lot.

Lady Aleena