Wednesday, May 7, 2008


When dealing with recastaways, the need to change actors in order to better represent the differences in aging usually gets a free pass. In fact, I'd prefer that over the original actor trying to pass him/herself off as older or younger than they really are. The makeup and the acting comes off a bit phony.

Quiznos is currently airing a blipvert in which an elderly Asian woman working in a laundromat pulls an autographed five dollar bill off the wall and eats it.

I'm thinking that, given the changes wrought by age in the last thirty-five years (at least!), this old woman was Mrs. Lee in that San Francisco Chinese laundry shop who espoused the glories of Calgon.
The old woman in the Quiznos ad isn't named, but even if she wasn't called Mrs. Lee, that's not a problem in arguing the case. In the span of time since that Calgon commercial, she may have remarried - due either to divorce or being widowed. (Her husband - that hotshot! - might have been killed by an angry customer when they found out his "ancient Chinese secret was nothing more than Calgon.)

By the looks of her surroundings in the new commercial, it looks like the Lees expanded the business, probably opened several stores throughout Chinatown. They may have become the Chinese Weezy and George Jefferson!

Toby OB

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