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No..., it's not a 'Batman' post about the Boy Wonder....

Last night in the UK, Stephen Waddington appeared in 'Richard The Lionheart' on BBC2. This docu-drama follows King Richard through the explosive battles during his third Crusade to the Holy Land.

Waddington played the same role near the end of last season's revamp of 'Robin Hood', so his portrayal links that series to this history special. However, since this version of 'Robin Hood' is not the official version of Earth Prime-Time, (and there were so many other versions besides), both the new 'Robin Hood' and 'Richard The Lionheart' must be relegated to an alternate dimension.
Although many believe that Robin Hood was a man out of Legend, still there are an equal number who believe he actually lived. So could all of those closing scenes in the various Robin Hood movies have actually happened; did Robin of Locksley meet King Richard I?

The BBC lays down the requirements for such a meeting:

For Robin Hood to have been able to meet Richard I, their meeting must have fallen within a period when:

1. Richard was in England (preferably within Sherwood Forest )
2. Under circumstances that Richard would not order Robin's immediate arrest or death
3. At a time using records that Robin Hood was supposed to be alive and surviving as an outlaw
4. Could there be a reason why the two men might want to meet each other …
(In regard to that first requirement, Robin met King Richard in the Holy Land in the last episode of Season Two.)

The answer can be found in an excellent essay on the subject with the histories of both Richard and Robin, which can be found here.

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