Thursday, December 20, 2007


And so it goes....

Even if 'Journeyman' is finished, it will live on in Toobworld. And like shows such as 'Sliders' and 'Quantum Leap', 'Journeyman' can serve to help splain away discrepancies between series - at least those set in San Francisco. We can always claim that Dan Vasser must have changed history somehow.

Let's say a plot point in an episode of 'Monk' contradicts something in an episode in 'Women's Murder Club', both Frisco shows. For example, we've seen KSFF Channel 6 several times in 'Monk' episodes. What if a TV news crew shows up at a crime scene in an episode of 'Women's Murder Club' and it's also Channel 6, but the call letters are different? (If it shows up again in 'Monk' as KSFF afterwards, we can claim Dan went back to set right what once went wrong.)

Or what if the head of the city's Board of Supervisors portrayed in one show is different from the one we see in the other? We can always say that Dan did something in the past to cause the change. (We've already splained away the differences in architecture and furnishings for the San Francisco Register when it comes to 'Journeyman' and 'Women's Murder Club'.)

And it doesn't have to be just in the City by the Bay. As we've learned, there were many such time travelers like Dan (but their numbers may be dwindling), so they could be spread throughout the country, perhaps even the world. (It did seem strange however that there would be three in San Francisco. Could the Powers That Be manipulating the lives of these travelers be based in SF?)

So we could make the claim that one of Dan's counterparts in traveling was responsible for making a change in some other city.

After seeing the penultimate episode of 'Journeyman', in which we saw Dan's son wiped from existence and replaced by a daughter named Caroline, this could work as a good splainin as to why FBI Agent Deborah Ciccerone (aka "Danielle") went from looking like Fairuza Balk at the end of Season Three to looking like Lola Glaudini at the beginning of Season Four. Not only was the role recast, but David Chase decided to go back and re-shoot Balk's scenes and replace her entirely for the eventual DVD collection.

Therefore, Agent Ciccerone ceased to exist in much the same way as Zack Vasser was phased out of existence. (But at least he was brought back!) And the blame could be placed on a New Jersey-based time traveler.

So even though it may be cancelled, 'Journeyman' lives on in Toobworld. We just won't be able to watch what happens......

Toby OB

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